The child matches lids to boxes, whilst discovering mini treasures hidden inside.

Opening & closing boxes

Opening & closing boxes

Roberta Frosolini


The child learns to open and close boxes.


  • Develop eye-hand co-ordination
  • Develop fine motor control
  • Develop concentration
  • Develop independence
  • Satisfy the need for order




  • Plain tray
  • Selection of boxes
  • Mini objects (optional)


This presentation should be made in silence. Once you have finished, use words to describe the materials, such as “lid” and “box”.

Control of Error

The child will not be able to close the box as the lid will not fit onto it.


Before inviting the child, make sure that the boxes are spread out orderly in the tray, each box with its matching lid, well fitted. Then show the child the tray you will be working with and say the names of the materials.

Working from left to right, top to bottom, take the lids off the boxes and set them out in front of the tray.

Holding the first box with your non-dominant hand, lift the lid and place it in front of the tray. Do the same with the other boxes. Remember to use slow and precise movements when you lift, lower and place the lids on the table.

Look over the first box, then look over each lid, choose the matching lid and place it over the box.

You should feel the lid slide down on the box. After that give the lid a gentle press. Continue this way until all the lids have been fitted in. Now let the child have a turn.


Once the child is performing this exercise with confidence, you may like to hide mini objects inside each box.

Refresh your tray with a variety of pots, jars and containers. If you use a basket, have a small cloth or rug to unfold and place on the table as your working space.