About us

We aim to be a welcoming online community of educators who believe in the rightness and effectiveness of Montessori education.

Roberta Frosolini

Many educators—teachers, parents, guardians and child-carers—are interested in Maria Montessori’s ideas and methods. The aim for Via Montessori is to be a welcoming online community for those who believe in the rightness of Montessori educational values and the effectiveness of her educational method.

The web site is comprised of activities and articles; activities are recipe-style format Montessori-inspired presentations that can be directly given to children; articles are for sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences — and to debate just how to deliver the Montessori method in today’s world.

The site’s material is also cross-posted on Medium.


Teachers, parents, guardians, child-carers: you are invited to share your own activities and articles on the site. Please send them to roberta.frosolini@via-montessori.org, or if you have a Medium account, submit them to the Medium Via Montessori publication (see how to). Let’s excite each other and in turn our bambini!


Thanks to Adam Khan at Engaging for his professionalism, immense support, and detailed work in creating this website and editing its texts.

Thanks to Torah Montessori Nursery, an outstanding (OFSTED agrees!) Montessori practice in Brighton & Hove, England. Photos and materials used in activities are from the nursery.

About us