Roberta Frosolini

Roberta Frosolini

Holding a Montessori Diploma from the the Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre, I founded and edit the Via Montessori web site.

Hi, I’m Roberta, a certified Montessori Early Childhood Teacher with a warm Mediterranean personality. Whether in the classroom or the home, I believe in creating a secure, beautiful environment to nurture children and allow their individuality and potential to blossom.

I’m Italian and have been living in the UK since 2002 and hold a Montessori Diploma from the the Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre. I have been working with the Montessori method since 2008.

Upon entering my first Casa dei Bambini in via Donati in Rome I knew very little about Dr Maria Montessori and her pioneering work in education. Instantly however I saw that the beautiful and well-prepared environment had the child at its centre.

The Montessori method fuels my passion to create materials and new fun ways to teach children about the world, ensuring that each child is well prepared for life.

Until recently I worked at — and continue to maintain ties with — the Torah Montessori Nursery in Brighton & Hove. This nursery is a very enjoyable environment, rich in resources and materials for creative and high-quality education.

I love searching for fabrics, which I use to create displays and interest tables. When designing a classroom or an individual activity I love to add little details that will make it feel warm, happy, and unique.

I’m passionate about sharing with children my joy and awe for nature.

Although my work may show some innovation in the vocabulary or in the activities described, I believe I maintain the purity of the Montessori method in creating and presenting the activities.

To share my enthusiasm for and experience with the Montessori method, I founded the Via Montessori web site. Here I share Montessori ideas and activities that I have used in preschool classrooms and in private care and teaching.

I would like to thank Marianne Clarkson of the Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre, where my journey into the Montessori world began and where I was supported throughout my studies.