The child cuts small snips around the edge of the paper in a fringe-like fashion.

Snipping around paper feathers

Snipping around paper feathers

Roberta Frosolini


The child enjoys a hands-on exploration of the topic of birds and an imaginative way to practice cutting with scissors.



  • fine motor co-ordination
  • concentration
  • independence

Prepare to participate in art/craft work




  • Paper feathers
  • Small basket
  • Small scissors (both right- and left-handed)
  • Tray


Appropriate terms, such as: scissors, cut, line, snip


Prepare the materials that the child will use. If this is the child’s first time performing this activity, show her the tray and tell her the names of the materials.

Show the child how to hold the scissors — with the thumb, index and middle finger of the dominant hand — and demonstrate the ‘open & close’ movement to show how cutting movements are made.

Show the child how to hold the feather in the non-dominant hand, and how to cut small snips along the edge.


Before introducing cutting exercises, show how to pass the scissors safely. If the child prefers using her left hand, offer her left-handed scissors.

Before using scissors, children need sufficient hand and finger strength. Exercises that help prepare the hand include many Practical Life activities such as pinching pegs, tonging, and wringing out sponges; and Sensorial activities such as grasping the pieces of the Pink Tower and using the pincer grip to pick up Knobbed Cylinder Blocks.