The child uses fine tweezers to sort pink and red fabric rose petals into two small colored-coded bowls.

Transferring & sorting rose petals using tweezers

Transferring & sorting rose petals using tweezers


The child enjoys an exploration of the topic of plants and an imaginative way to practice transferring with fine tweezers.


  • Develop eye-hand co-ordination
  • Develop fine motor control
  • Build muscles for pencil grip
  • Develop concentration
  • Develop independence
  • Satisfy the need for order


  • Small basket
  • Pink and red rose petals for transferring and sorting
  • 2 small identical bowls, one red and one pink
  • Tweezers
  • Plain tray

Control of Error

The colour of the petals


Appropriate vocabulary: red, pink, petals, tweezers


Before inviting the child, check that the basket contains only the pink and red petals. Then show the child the tray you will be working with and say the name of the materials.

Show the child how to use the tweezers, holding the two ends in between the thumb and the index finger. Press the two fingers together, bringing the two ends together until they touch, then release.

Choose the red petal and move it across the tray, loosening your hold to release it into the red coded bowl. Repeat this, putting the pink petal in the other bowl. Continue this way until all the petals have been transferred and sorted. Pour back all the petals into the small basket and let the child have a turn.


Transferring & sorting rose petals using tweezers

The interest table shows the various parts of a flower: roots, stem, leaf, petals. Here a cyclamen plant is housed in a transparent vase, its roots clearly visible.

You may place and use this sorting exercise in the Life Skills area of your classroom whilst you and your children are exploring the parts of a flower.