The child sorts seeds and grains by transferring various types from trays into cups using tweezers.

Transferring & sorting seeds using tweezers

Transferring & sorting seeds using tweezers

Roberta Frosolini


The child gains experience of sorting using tweezers.



  • eye-hand coordination
  • fine motor control
  • concentration
  • Develop independence

Build muscles for pencil grip

Satisfy the need for order




  • Small tray
  • Seeds for transferring and sorting
  • 4 small identical bowls
  • Tweezers
  • Plain tray


Appropriate terms: sunflower, golden millet, etc.


Invite the child to come and work with you. Show him the tray you’ll be working with and give him the name of the materials.

Show the child how to use the tweezers. Pick up the tweezers and place the top of them at the palm of the hand, holding the two flexible ends in between the thumb and the index finger. Press the two fingers together, bringing the two ends together until they touch at the tip, then release.

Select a seed and move it across the tray, loosening your hold to release the seed into one bowl. Repeat this, putting the various seed types in different cups, until all the seeds have been transferred and sorted. Pour back all the seeds/grains into the small tray.


Before inviting the child, check the material you will be showing to see if all of the seeds are in the large bowl.